If you are interested in becoming an endorsee for Sonix, Impression, Perfect Pitch, or indeed any of our products, please get in contact with our National Account Manager, Paul Redston at paul.redston@percussionplus.co.uk.

Mark Claydon, Drummer/Percussionist, claydondrums.co.uk
Endorsee for Impression Cymbals

Mark is a session drummer in the UK with many years of gigging and studio experience and his flexible skills mean he is comfortable in all styles of music but preferring jazz and funk fusions.

Mark has been an endorsee of “Impression Cymbals” (link) since 2011 and currently uses the 14″ Smooth Hats, 17″ trad crash, 18″ Jazz Crash , 22″ Smooth Ride (link). Mark says,

“Out of all of the Handmade Turkish Cymbals available on the market today Impression are truly the most versatile. They never let me down in either the Studio or Live show. I’m really proud to be associated with this brand”

Chris Steele – Exit Ten, Facebook, Myspace

Exit Ten are 5 piece rock band from Reading in the UK and described in the press as ‘Toweringly anthemic, shimmering and simply riveting. 5/5’ – Kerrang! (Live Review).

Describing ‘Impression cymbals’, Chris says, “I get a lot comments from drummers and fans at shows about the sound of my cymbals. The Rock series cymbals have such projection and rich tone that adds great weight to our sound. The finishes in all ranges of Impression cymbals are so striking but you can hear the passion in the craft when you strike one and that, to me, sets them apart from other brands”.

JJ Wheeler, Drummer, Percussionist and Composer,www.jjwheeler.co.uk

JJ Wheeler graduated from Birmingham Conservatoire with a First Class Honours BMus Degree in Jazz and currently studies at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music under the guidance of many of the world’s finest musicians and educators.

JJ has performed with Jean Toussaint, Dave Holland Ensemble, Scott Stroman, Celine Dion and has played venues including Wembley Stadium, The Royal Albert Hall, The Reebok Arena, York Racecourse and The Hippodrome (Birmingham) and appeared on prime time TV shows.

“It’s a bit of a funny market as there tend to be a lot of divisions within the music, but I reckon Impression cymbals could certainly become a strong player on the scene here, especially with the two ‘Jazz’ ranges seemingly being the top-of-the-pile ranges.”

Sophie Reed – Kieland Ridge, Drummer/Band, www.facebook.com/kielandridge
Endorsee for Impression Cymbals

Sophie has been a member of Kieland Ridge since 2010, playing the drums and as a singer/songwriter. They describe their lyrics as poignant and powerful while providing an insight into real life experiences.

Sophie uses the Impression Cymbals 13″ Hi Hats and 18″ Crash from the Illuminati range and a 20″ Ride and 16″ Crash from the Rock range.

Sophie says, “I like them because the Illuminati’s have a distinct sound as they are made with two textures, giving brilliant clarity and diversity, particularly on the Hi Hats. The Rock range provides a lovely definition, especially on the Ride which also has a great bell! Both ranges are brightly toned, which compliment each other well and are perfect for what I play.”

Daniel J Logan

Daniel J Logan, Professional Drummer, Producer and Recording Engineer

Daniel J Logan has worked full-time as a session drummer, producer and recording/mix engineer for 11 years. He has been lucky to have worked with a number of high profile artists including Thea Gilmore (with whom he has been A-listed on BBC Radio 2 across all 3 albums he has played on), Jackie Trent (the late songwriter and former no.1 singles artist), Sam Hollyman (of The Voice UK), and the famous Michael Buble hit. As well as other up and coming artists such as Alx Green, and the award-winning Ashley Fayth.

He mostly plays a hybrid percussion/ drum kit and with few exceptions (when he uses our Sonix drumsticks) he plays with either wire or nylon brushes. They are robust, easy to hold and sound great!

They have formed a huge part of his sound, particularly the nylon brushes, and Daniel is very grateful as it has seen his workload increase and he is delighted to say that he is quite ‘in demand’ at the moment – if that’s not too pompous!

Watch one of Daniel’s latest sessions – a new record by Alx Green. The EP from which this track comes from was – at time of writing – no.2 in the iTunes singer/songwriter pre-order chart. Please note the brushes he is using in the video!

He spends the other half of his time working as a producer and recording engineer mostly at Orchard Studios in Cheshire. This allows him access to a large amount of musicians and artists and as such allows Daniel to talk about drums and drumming (and sticks and brushes!) quite a lot!

Added to this he also teach drums.

Please find below some links to some of the things he has worked on:
Thea Gilmore live at Cropredy Festival on SkyArts
Radio Static – not musical but this is the award-winning audio company he has worked for.

And check out Daniel J Logan’s website.

Virgil Howe, Music Producer, Drummer and DJ

Virgil started his musical career at 4 years old, following in the footsteps of his father guitarist Steve Howe of the band Yes. A talented musician, Virgil has played the Synthesizer, Piano and Keyboards before moving onto the Drums 17 years ago. Since then Virgil has played with a variety of groups, including Little Barrie, Amorphous Androgynous, Shawn Lee, The Dirty Feel and The Killer Meters. He has also been involved in sessions, gigs and videos with Bryan Ferry, The Pet Shop Boys, Gabriel, Annie Lennox and Yusef Islam. Virgil also has his own one-man show where he plays drums over his own productions with special guest musicians and vocalists joining him.

Virgil plays the 20″ Traditional Ride, 18″ Dark Crash and 14″ Traditional Hi-Hats from our Impression range.

Virgil says, “…they sound great. I need something that would cut through live, but also not be too bright in the studio. I found the Traditionals bridged that gap perfectly. Also I’m a big fan of the guarantee, as I’m known to hit them pretty hard!”

Jim Macrae, Professional Drummer and Drum Tutor, LinkedIn

As a highly motivated self-employed drummer, sound/mix engineer, producer, tutor and studio manager, we are very pleased to welcome Jim to the family.

YouTube video of Jim Macrae on the drums

Richard Laws, Professional Drummer, Twitter

An accomplished drummer who has recorded and played live with artists including Pee Wee Ellis (James Brown), Jean Toussante, Dave Newton, Lizzie Deane and James Morton, among others.

Daniel Harvey – Dog is Dead, Drummer/Band

“I’ve been loving my Impression cymbals – they sound great live and so bright in the demos we’ve been recording for the next album.”

Chris Horwood-Jones – Broken Jaw, Drummer/Band

Chris taught himself to play the drums at age 16 learning by listening and watching others and specialises in various styles of rock and metal.  Some of Chris’ musical influences include; Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Haelstorm and Motley Crue.  In August 2015 Chris joined Broken Jaw, a Gloucestershire based Metal/Punk band.

Broken Jaw formed in 2012 and perform at venues across the country.  2016 saw the band perform debut shows in Ireland and also released a new single.  Broken jaw have taken the stage alongside such bands as Breed77 and have played at O2 academies, Bristol Bierkeller, Wolverhampton Slade Rooms, and Camden Barfly amongst many others.

Chris uses, from the Impression Cymbals Rock series: 8″ splash; 14″high hats; 16″, 17″ & 18″ crashes; 16″ and 18″ chinas; 20″ ride.

Chris says about Impression Cymbals: “I believe in value for money and I think you would be hard pushed to find a better quality cymbal for the price you pay for Impression.  I love the brilliant finish on the rock cymbals and they produce such a great tone and can be heard clearly in most venues we play without the need for overhead microphones. I opted for the rock cymbal as I am a hard hitter and these cymbals are able to take the abuse and sound great”

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