Easy Grip hard felt beaters – 1 pair

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  • Same as PP070 beaters with Easy Grip handle
  • Highly versatile 30mm cylindrical hard felt heads
  • For very soft attack with relatively bright long-lasting tone
  • Well suited to xylophones, metallophones, marimbas, vibraphones, large drums, gongs, and cymbals!
  • 23cm contoured black plastic shaft with Easy Grip

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A good pair of hard felt beaters are an essential addition to every percussionist’s stick bag – the versatile and extremely lightweight material is solid enough to produce clear notes with long decay on all types of tuned percussion instruments, but its soft finish creates a warm attack with no hint of percussive clicking. This muted directness also makes these beaters very effective when playing large drums, gongs, and suspended cymbals.

These particular beaters consist of a large cylinder of hard white felt mounted on tapered plastic sticks with Easy Grip. The large ultralight tapered foam block increases control and makes the stick easier for inexperienced or disabled percussionists to hold.

This listing is for a packet of 2 beaters only (1 pair).

Every pair of Percussion Plus beaters is made in the renowned Leicestershire workshop by our team of experienced craftsmen. You simply won’t find better quality for the price!

We cater for players of any standard, and the versatile range of beaters, mallets, and sticks we offer includes the perfect match for any percussion instrument you can think of. Browse the full range here…

Shaft length 230mm
Shaft material Plastic with Easy Grip
Shaft diameter 6mm
Head material Felt
Head hardness Hard
Head diameter 30mm
Head colour White
Individual beater weight 21g


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