Hand bells – diatonic C major scale

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This set of 8 diatonic hand bells is lots of fun to play and a great resource for the classroom! The bells are tuned to a C major scale and can easily be played by simply holding the handle and shaking the bell, producing a bright and clear sound.

The precise tuning and colour scheme of these bells match our Wak-a-Tubes and chime bars, allowing these instruments to be played together successfully. All follow our colour matching note system, with colour coded notes corresponding to specific notes of the written music. This method allows anyone who cannot read music to play along without difficulty and makes our set of bells accessible to a wide variety of players, suitable for both children and adults.

Our bells are built to last and each of the hand bells is made of a sturdy metal which allows them to withstand use in the classroom.

This diatonic set can be accompanied by the PP274 set of 5 chromatic hand bells to make a fully chromatic set. Other instruments in this range include the PP275 set of 8 diatonic combi bells and PP273 set of 8 diatonic desk bells.


  • Note range: C64 – C76


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