Ocean drum – 10″

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This high quality drum reproduces the sounds of the ocean when it is played. Its unique sound and eye-catching fish design make this drum lots of fun for percussionists of all ages. The drum can either be played by rolling it to produce sounds like crashing waves, or you can hit the drum with a mallet or beater for additional percussive sounds.

The drum has a sturdy wooden frame topped with a decorated canvas, and is filled with beads inside to produce the ocean sounds. A transparent skin means that you can see inside the drum and see how it works, making the drum especially enjoyable for younger percussionists.

Please note: A beater is not included with this product.


  1. Mrs S Cottam

    An amazing instrument – definitely sounds like waves crashing on the shore. Not sure how robust it will be with 5 year olds but I’m willing to take that risk! (Using it in music lessons.)

  2. Joanne Montgomery

    Great product and service thanks

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