Panyard Import Series six bass steel pans with stands

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The six bass set of painted 23″ steel pans supplied with 2 aluminium mallets. Supplied as 3 up / 3 down, half of the pans come with rubber feet (3 per pan) to protect and keep them steady on the ground, and the other half with collapsible cradle stands and low frequency modifiers.

Each surface features a 3-note octave (the middle note being a perfect fourth or perfect fifth above the lowest pitch), and the pans are tuned a semi-tone apart, giving a combined chromatic range of C2-F3. Panyard’s mastery of the physics and geometry of steel pans means these instruments have the optimum layout and timbral consistency.

Steel pans are relatively young instruments that have become phenomenally popular in recent years, particularly with school music departments and events organisers. They originated in Trinidad and Tobago in the 1930s and are traditionally recycled from 55 gallon chemical containers.

Often incorrectly referred to as steel drums, the whole instruments vibrate to make their characteristic Caribbean sound which means they are properly classified as ‘idiophones’, the same family as cymbals.

Panyard have been manufacturing exceptional instruments since 1990 and their mid-range Import Series contains the best quality affordable pans in the world.

Constructed in Trinidad from specially made steel, they are then shipped to Ohio in the USA where each pan is precisely tuned and finished by experienced specialists.


Diameter 58cm per pan