Perfect Pitch Alto Chromatic half Metallophone


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  • Description

    Like the PP019, the Alto Chromatic Half Metallophone is manufactured in our factory from carefully selected timber and high quality aluminium. The instrument is sturdy and durable and fits together with the PP019 to make a fully chromatic instrument.

    Great care and attention has been made in the production of this instrument to ensure that the quality of finish and tuning is perfect and all instruments within the Perfect Pitch range have followed strict precision tuning control to A440 (pitch standard).

    The notes produce a mellow, warm sound with a deep resonance from its four resonating sound chambers. It also has a hand operated damper allowing for on or off damping effects. Once this instrument is played it proves why Percussion Products have always been the first choice for discerning players.

    The PP020 accompanies a PP019 Alto Diatonic Metallophone to make a fully chromatic soprano instrument.


    • Dimensions: Length 62cm, Width 36cm, Height 20.5cm
    • Weight: 5.2kg
    • Beaters supplied