Symphony Perfect Pitch Marimba 2.5 Octave


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This professionally tuned 2.5 octave marimba is built using the highest standards and includes robust synthetic note bars from C to F on a deep sold wood rail for a full and deep resonating projection.

This marimba is manufactured in the UK and is highly tuned to A440 Perfect Pitch standard. The marimba comes on a rigid but lightweight frame for easy transportation and once played this instrument will not disappoint discerning players.

It comes with two sets of beaters to play, of which the hard pair normally being used on the higher scale of the notes.

  • Note range C28 to F57
  • 2.5 octave
  • Beaters included

* Note: This is a heavy object that comes crated.
* This item is not available for free delivery due to its size.