Tricolour Fish Guiro


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The Guiro or Huiro is a percussion instrument originally from Latin America and can also be known as an Agbe or Shekere. There are many different types and designs of Guiro but the principal of playing them remains the same for all. A stick, metal rod or scraper is often moved along the serrated edge of the Guiro to produce a rasping sound. Guiros can be made of wood, glass, fibreglass, bone, bamboo, metal, fired clay or natural gourds that have been dried and hollowed out. The Guiro often reflects the country of origin in decoration and its carving. Many other countries also produce their own version of a Guiro and are known as Calabazo, Guayo, Ralladera, Rascador or Reco Reco.

Our medium sized tricolour wooden guiro is brightly decorated and painted to resemble a fish and has two holes in the body to insert fingers for ease of holding. It is played by holding the guiro or resting it on your forearm and scraping it up and down the body in long and short strokes to product different sounds.

Length: 37cm
Weight: 205grams

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