Samba pack for 20 players

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The Percussion Plus samba pack is ideal for samba band of up to 20 players. It includes a great mixture of drums and hand percussion to produce a loud and vibrant sound. This is a good quality and durable kit, also supplied with sticks and mallets so you can get playing straight away!

Instruments included:

  • 2 x 10″ repinique
  • 3 x 14″ surdo
  • 2 x 18″ surdo
  • 2 x 12″ snare drum with vest harness
  • 3 x 8″ tuneable tamborim
  • 3 x double metal agogos
  • 3 x metal shakers
  • 2 x bongos
  • 1 x samba whistle
  • All mallets, beaters and sticks.

Small hand percussion may vary on occasion.



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