Single chime bar

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Add to your classroom ensemble with one of these single chime bars. Each one features a durable plastic resonator with a precisely tuned alloy note bar and produces a bell-like sound.

They can be played by laying them out on a table, like a glockenspiel or individually with the bar in one hand and the beater in the other.

Please make sure that you select the desired pitch from the dropdown menu.

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F#/Gb 70, F57, F#/Gb 58, E68, E56, F69, G#/Ab 48, G71, G59, G47, G#/Ab 60, D66, D54, B51, B63, A61, A49, A#/Bb 62, C#/Db 53, C#/Db 65, D#/Eb 67, D#/Eb 55, C64, C52, A#/Bb 50


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