Sonix Drums Range

Sonix logoSince its launch in 2009 by Percussion Plus, Sonix has rapidly gained a reputation for delivering excellent quality, all-inclusive kits at an affordable price. Now with the launch of their New Generation 5 piece kits, there is no better time to experience how Sonix has gained that reputation.

The new style 924 market entry series and 922 intermediate series drum kits will not fail to impress even the most discerning of players with a sound deliverance that drummers would expect from a more expensive kit.

The quality make of these kits, together with the modest price tag and new additional features makes them a popular choice. Budding new players can buy, set up and play straight away without having to purchase anything further as upgraded, double braced hardware is included with all 924 and 922 kits.

The range of kits and drums available cover a variety of different drumming styles and levels. Along with the fusion and rock configurations of the 924 and 922 series, a 922 compact and versatile little Jazz Kits is also available designed for the semi-professional drummer in mind.

Note: please note the our old style PP925 rock drum kits have now been discontinued with New Generation rock kits available within the 924 series.

If this wasn’t enough, a new selection of natural lacquer, high-gloss finish traditional snare drums with either maple and birch shells in six sizes has also been introduced and ready to order, together with a new selection of UK manufactured quality made brushes, sticks and hot rods.

Sonix also offer a full range of drum spares and accessories.

Sonix New Generation 924 Series Drum Kits

The Sonix 924 all-inclusive drum kits have always guaranteed performance however; we have now pushed this to the next level with our upgraded New Generation kits.

The drum kits are designed with novice drummers in mind and to allow drummers to play immediately without the need to buy any further kit. The sound and build of these kits are well beyond their diminutive price tag and now have Evans heads fitted as standard for a truly professional sound giving great projection and a warm resonance.

These 5 piece kits are constructed from wood with 6 ply poplar high quality shells and are supplied with upgraded double braced hardware. This kit boasts many additional features usually found on more expensive kits, for full details please visit our product pages.

These drums offer a controlled yet tonally thunderous sound, a seriously impressive starter kit that is supplied ready to play.

Available in 4 PVC finished colours – blue, black, silver and red.

Sonix New Generation 922 Series Drum Kits

The New Generation Sonix 922 intermediate series drum kits are the next step up from our 924 series, offering drummers who wish to upgrade their kit to a more professional sound. Again the sound performance and build of these kits hit well above their price tag and prove a popular choice for the player looking to combine a high performance sound with a visually appealing kit.

The drums continue to be constructed with high quality 6ply 100% birch shells and are now available in both fusion and rock specifications. Each drum comes with its own specific amount of lugs offering precise tuning capabilities and, as with the 924 series, drums have Evans heads fitted as standard making them highly responsive to dynamic levels of playing. Each kit comes complete with a full set of upgraded double braced hardware.

These enhanced features, the full range of which can be found on our product pages, combined with two modern striking lacquered fade finishes and a competitive price makes the 922 series an extremely popular choice with players looking to combine big sounding tones with great projection together in a visually appealing kit at a highly competitive price.

Sonix New Generation 922 Series Jazz Kit

The 922 Series Jazz kit is an ideal second kit for any drummer looking for a small set up.

This stunning looking kit is lightweight with a sturdy build, making it a perfect choice for smaller gigs or rehearsal venues for the semi-professional drummer.

Available in two distinct stylish finishes these Jazz kits are supplied with 100% 6 ply birch shells and have quality Evans branded heads, along with a full range of 922 features that can be seen on our product pages.

These features together with its visual appeal and elegance, allow this quality made kit to comfortably perform across all styles, providing flexibility to suit any genre.

Sonix Snare Drums

Our range of classic snare drums feature 100% 6 ply high quality birch or maple shells giving these drums a warm tone with a punch if needed.

Snares are supplied with Evans G1 coated batter heads making them highly responsive to the player and each snare is fitted with a 20 strand snare wire offering great depth and attack to a performance.

Available in a variety of sizes, drums are individually produced with specific amounts of lugs offering precise tuning capabilities, making these drums an ideal addition to any kit.

Sonix Cajon

Our Sonix Cajon is handmade in our factory to be played and last. Ideal as a market entry instrument our cajon is made from 100% birch ply wood with feet and is sand sealed and finished with a lacquered clear gloss. This cajon is constructed and finished to the very high standard that you come to expect from Sonix.

Sonix Cajon with Bag

Sonix Taiko Series

The Sonix Taiko range is a collection of Japanese style drums that have recently gained popularity in ensemble groups.

These instruments have heads on both sides of the drum body and are played by striking one with a bachi or hand. Drums have a sealed resonating cavity and are characterised by a high amount of tension on the drum heads, with a correspondingly high pitch relative to body size.

Included in our range are shimedaiko drums, mia diako drums, okedo drums and a selection of stands to suit each drum. Additional type and size Taiko drums and stands can be ordered on request.

Nagado-daiko Drum

Sonix Spares & Accessories

A full range of spares and accessories including bags, heads, sticks and hardware is available to compliment instruments within the Sonix range.

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