Tenor xylophone diatonic C major scale

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Manufactured in our factory this strong and sturdy tenor xylophone gives a superb mellow sound from its four resonating sound chambers. It is made from quality timber and has durable synthetic note bars. Being a part of the Classic Red Box range its tuning is completed to the highest of standards as care has been taken to ensure that the instrument has followed strict precision tuning control to A440 (pitch standard).

Our Classic Red Box instruments have always been a popular instrument choice for schools and players for over 25 years as they are known for the reliability and robustness and they are always easily recognisable from their sprayed red finish to identify them as genuine Percussion Plus products. Once played any other xylophone will just not sound the same.

The F# and Bb note bars are supplied with the diatonic half, allowing you to play in C, G and F. The beaters are not included but we thoroughly recommend our PP071 pair of medium beaters.

The PP088 diatonic half can be accompanied with the PP089 chromatic half to make a fully chromatic instrument.

Length Width Height Weight Note range
87cm 50cm 35cm 10kg A37 – C64


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