Wak-a-Tubes flats and sharps – set of 5

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Wak-a-Tubes are brightly coloured plastic tubes that are played by striking against a hard surface such as the floor or hitting with a beater. They can also be played by tapping them against each other – a great way to create harmony. They are built to last, great fun for musicians of all ages to play, and a useful tool for teaching about ensemble playing.

Tubes included are: C# (Db) 41, D# (Eb) 43, F# (Gb) 46, G# (Ab) 48, and A# (Bb) 50. This set fills in the accidentals (flats & sharps) in the PP790 C major scale.

The Wak-a-Tube colours match with all other products in the ChromaPlay range including the PP935 chime bars and PP276 combi bells. This system assists players who cannot read music to play along and for different instruments in the range to be played together.



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