Wak-a-Tubes C major scale – set of 8

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Made in our factory in Leicester, this diatonic C major scale set of Wak-a-Tubes is the most popular in the range. These brightly coloured versatile hollow tubes can be played with a beater, struck against a hard surface, or tapped against each other to create different tones.

The tubes are ideal for playing individually or together in groups and are a simple and inexpensive way to introduce children to music. Wak-a-tubes encourage participation and improve co-ordination making them ideal for team building exercises and ensemble classes. They are extremely light, so easily transportable, and when played are relatively quiet so won’t disturb others nearby. And of course, they’re great fun!

As part of the Chroma Play method, they can be combined with the PP935 chime bars, PP015 chime square, and PP271 hand bells. All of these instruments are colour-coded to help children learn to read sheet music – the PPB001 Colour & Play Songbook is a great place to start.

Tubes included are: C40, D42, E44, F45, G47, A49, B51, and C52. Combine this pack with the PP971 set of flat and sharp Wak-a-Tubes to create a full chromatic scale.



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