World rhythm pack

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The Percussion Plus world rhythm pack includes 16 different sounds from cultures across the globe. Inside your large study plastic storage box comes a range of percussion instruments to be shaken, scraped, rattled and hit. Perfect for school music rooms and music clubs/workshops. Contents may vary slightly due to availability but typically contains the following;

1 x Clay ocarina

1 x Wooden frog scraper

1 x Small seed shaker

1 x Large seed shaker

2 x Indian bells (pair)

1 x Bamboo guiro

1 x Single caxixi shaker

1 x Double caxixi shaker

1 x Thunder shaker

1 x Djembe

1 x Afuche de coco maraca

1 x Slapstick

1 x Monkey drum

1 x Coconut maraca

1 x Rainstick

1 x Kyamba shaker


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